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Anaheim family vacations are the cat's pajamas. Kids fall in love with the Disney movies and theme characters, and get to see them in person at Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. Taking your family to Disneyland becomes an annual tradition that kids don't want to end.

If you feel like a kid and never want to grow up, keep taking your family to Disneyland, year after year. The theme park attractions and characters are ever-changing, so the annual vacation to Disneyland and Anaheim is never boring. We have helped families book vacations to Anaheim for over a decade and find many of our families we help are repeat customers returning to Disneyland long after the kids grow up!

Insider note
Over 200 hotels surrounding Disneyland feature outdoor swimming pools. One of the most popular amenities families select when planning a trip, the odds are in your favor to find a pool at the hotel you select. Shopping and restaurants cater to the needs of families, as well.  Popular chain and fast food restaurants line Harbor Boulevard across the street from Disneyland.
We've interviewed families who visit from Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New York, Germany, Mexico, Japan, and from all over the world. What they tell us time and again is that Disneyland and Anaheim vacations are an annual tradition.

"We've been going to Disneyland since my wife and I were first married. Our oldest son is 19 now, but he asked if we would take him to Disneyland for his birthday again this year," said Claude from Scottsdale, AZ. Why does Claude's family love the Anaheim vacation so much? "My wife and I went there on our honeymoon, and we fell in love with the park. As we grew our family, a Disneyland vacation was so much fun, and it felt safe," continued this logical guy who works in a high-tech industry. "There's no other place our family can go and feel so safe--or have so much fun," he said.

This Anaheim visitor shares sentiments expressed by family vacationers who save for the annual trek to their favorite spot. Anaheim loves safety and spends a lot of time assuring that families enjoy the best experience possible.

Families need lots of things when traveling, and the surrounding Anaheim stores, restaurants, shopping malls and themed attractions offer nearly every possible item you may seek. In fact, families spend a large portion of their budget not just on the hotel and theme park tickets, but on shopping sprees to buy the newest Disneyland merchandise or collector items--or head over to the Orange County beaches for contemporary, youthful shirts, pants and swimsuits that allow youngsters, teens and adults to head back home with some California style clothing and a California tan.



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